About Teresa

Teresa Pippus, dubbed The Queen of Heart, has trained and coached entrepreneurs for more than 14 years! And, she hasowned four successful businesses within the hospitality industry. Teresa now uses her expertise as a consultant and trainer to help business owners and their staff discover amazing, authentic, and adventurous service . . . to bring fun and genuine enthusiasm into the workplace so that organizations keep their employees or volunteers and deliver top-drawer customer service.

One of Teresa’s earliest personal amazing, authentic, and adventurous ideas was to introduce Alien Days at her restaurant. Employees had fun dressing up and creating new languages, while customers loved the novelty of seeing all the staff with green hair!

Her most recent personal marketing campaign included a series of three silly poems, a fun seven-minute home-made video, and a full-size fish costume. The result? Thousands of dollars of business and a lucrative professional alliance.

Teresa’s experience makes her passionate about the value of amazing, authentic, and adventurous service . . . a proven way to build morale, retain employees, create long-term customers, and most of all – increase profits!

She delivers workshops and follow-up sessions, key-note addresses, and consultations to business, government, and non-profit organizations.

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