Amazing, Authentic, Adventurous!

PhotoGroupofCSProvidersRemarkable customer service is more than a philosophy or a set of policies kept secret and sacred in a dusty, inflexible tome.

Remarkable customer service is an experience, an attitude – and a commitment!

The type of customer service you deliver will define your organization…

  • Is your organization thriving and successful?
  • Do people want to go to work or buy things at…or trust information from…your organization?
  • Or, is yours just one more organization spinning its wheels to simply survive?

Learn why thousands of companies embrace this amazing, authentic, and adventurous attitude in this workshop built on ingenious, simple lessons about bringing amazing energy, authentic passion, and an adventurous attitude to business – every day.

Thousands of companies world wide (from Starbucks . . . to Nordstrom’s . . . to the single consultant) practice these same lessons that are based on the successful experiences of the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market (Seattle), WestJet (Calgary), and Southwest Airlines (Dallas).

These businesses grow their customer and employee base and increase their customer and employee retention through these practices.